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NAV Are these Questions Familiar? NAV
NAV Did Your Child Come Out to You? - Parents are never prepared to accept the news that their children are gay. I will never forget that Friday night in December of 1997. NAV
NAV Is My Child Gay or Confused? - When Adam told us he was gay, we thought, "This can't be true, he's just confused". NAV
  Should I Accept My Child's Orientation? - For Patti and I, our first reaction was absolutely not. He is only 16 years old. What does he know about sexual relations? NAV
  Am I Ashamed of My Child or of Myself? - When Adam came out to us, shame was a big word in our lives. I was afraid that people would overlook Adam's wonderful qualities and focus on just one aspect of him ---- his sexual orientation. NAV
  Did My Parents Make Me Gay? - Yes, absolutely, my parents made me gay. They had sex, my mom got pregnant, and bam!...I popped out of the womb - brown hair, brown eyes, and gay! NAV
  Is Homosexuality a Sin? - When it comes to the subject of homosexuality, our religious institutions remind me of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's. NAV
  Who Can I Talk to About This? - Take comfort, you are only lost for a little while. There is a light at the end of this long, lonely path. NAV
  What is God's Plan? - How does being gay fit in God's plan? This is the hardest question to discuss. The answer will depend on whom you are talking to. NAV
  Why Would My Child Choose to be Gay? - You have just asked an important question. Ironically, once you have exhausted all of the obvious possibilities, you will probably come to understand the absurdity of the question itself. NAV
Other Points of Interest
  Our Son's Story - Adam was always a bright and happy child. He was also quite stubborn. As his father, I always found that frustrating in one respect, but I also admired it.  
  Hope... How Our Family has Progressed - After learning that Adam was gay, Patti and I were devastated. Our response was typical. We prayed for a miracle.  


Patti & Jeff EllisWho are we and why are we writing this? We are your neighbors. We are the people in front of you in line at the grocery store; the parents sitting on the bleachers behind you at the high school football game; the parents sitting beside you at the PTO meeting, the married couple praying next to you at church.

We live in a small southern town in Georgia. We've lived there for 24 years, sixteen of them in the same house. We have strong roots in our community; we know just about everyone who lives here.

Our lives are pretty much like yours: hectic mornings, making lunches, carpooling to school and back, fitting in careers, and rushing back home to prepare dinner.

This website is written by parents for parents. We are not ministers or therapists with professional credentials to give you advice. We are small-town American neighbors. We do not have a political or cultural agenda. We are sharing our story in the hopes of providing for you what we could not get for ourselves: Support, comfort and understanding on a difficult issue.

When we finally came to terms with our son's sexuality, we vowed that one day we would be strong enough to help others through these dark days and they would not have to feel as alone and scared as we did.

We have to admit something to you. There is only one aspect of this website that seizes us with fear. It isn't that people will know we have a son who is gay. It's that by publishing our real names along with our pictures we run the risk of harassment, threats, maybe more.

It wasn't until the last moment that we decided to use our names and pictures. We decided to risk it because we felt the alternative was worse; that by not revealing our names and faces we'd be perpetuating the idea that having a gay child is something to be ashamed of.

We have created this website because we know what it feels like to be utterly alone, hopeless and despairing. We know what it feels like to have your family ripped apart by a child's revelation. And mostly, we know what it's like to feel there's no one you can talk to.

This website is our way of providing comfort to parents who feel trapped, confused or despairing. We hope it provides some measure of peace to you.

--- Patti & Jeff Ellis