Hope... How Our Family Has Progressed Hope... How Our Family Has Progressed
NAV Are these Questions Familiar? NAV
NAV Did Your Child Come Out to You? - Parents are never prepared to accept the news that their children are gay. I will never forget that Friday night in December of 1997. NAV
NAV Is My Child Gay or Confused? - When Adam told us he was gay, we thought, "This can't be true, he's just confused". NAV
  Should I Accept My Child's Orientation? - For Patti and I, our first reaction was absolutely not. He is only 16 years old. What does he know about sexual relations? NAV
  Am I Ashamed of My Child or of Myself? - When Adam came out to us, shame was a big word in our lives. I was afraid that people would overlook Adam's wonderful qualities and focus on just one aspect of him ---- his sexual orientation. NAV
  Did My Parents Make Me Gay? - Yes, absolutely, my parents made me gay. They had sex, my mom got pregnant, and bam!...I popped out of the womb - brown hair, brown eyes, and gay! NAV
  Is Homosexuality a Sin? - When it comes to the subject of homosexuality, our religious institutions remind me of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's. NAV
  Who Can I Talk to About This? - Take comfort, you are only lost for a little while. There is a light at the end of this long, lonely path. NAV
  What is God's Plan? - How does being gay fit in God's plan? This is the hardest question to discuss. The answer will depend on whom you are talking to. NAV
  Why Would My Child Choose to be Gay? - You have just asked an important question. Ironically, once you have exhausted all of the obvious possibilities, you will probably come to understand the absurdity of the question itself. NAV
Other Points of Interest
  Our Son's Story - Adam was always a bright and happy child. He was also quite stubborn. As his father, I always found that frustrating in one respect, but I also admired it.  


(-- "Hope... How Our Family Has Progressed"... CONTINUED --)

In answering our prayer, He showed us we were placing conditions on Adam in order for him to receive our love. Love without conditions is what God offers us and He wants us to learn that in return.

We were allowed to see that our love was purest when we released Adam to be who he was meant to be.

Through our son, we were awakened to the fact that a change must take place in our hearts if we were to be made whole. For wholeness would come from our acceptance of Adam, not our judgment.

There is a common saying among gays and lesbians, "When you finally come out of the closet, you usually pass your parents going in." Patti and I understand that statement because we took far more room in that closet than Adam ever did. We suffered alone far longer than we should. But that is in the past.

We will no longer be quiet and timid about our son's orientation. We refuse to cower down before the negative voices that spread misinformation and hate about gays and lesbians. We are here to help spread the word that all people are worthy of love and acceptance.

Patti and I discovered that nothing is more fearful than having a secret that must be kept at all costs. We also discovered that nothing removed that fear more than turning our secret into a personal statement of human dignity.

--- Jeff Ellis